Population of Co Louth surges to highest level in recorded history

The population of Co Louth increased by almost 6,000 between April 2011 and April 2016 to 128,884.

That’s according to new Census figures released by the CSO today which show a 4.87% rise in the population of the county over the five year period.

This was greater than the 3.8% national growth, with the country’s population now standing at 4,761,865.

There were 63,633 males in the county in April last year, up 4.72% from 60,763 five years earlier while the number of females in Louth jumped by 5% from 62,134 in 2011 to 65,251 in April 2016.

The population of the county is now at its highest since records began, overtaking the 128,240 registered as living in Louth before the Great Famine in the first Census in 1841.

The average age was 36.4 years compared to 35.2 five years earlier. This was below the national average of 37.4.

There were also 771 Travellers registered in Louth last April, an increase of 16.3% on April 2011.

In relation to marriages, the numbers wed rose by 4.1% from 43,848 to 45,663. It was also revealed that there had been 122 same-sex civil partnerships in Louth as of April 2016.

Meanwhile, the number of people separated and divorced in the county also rose. The number of people separated jumped by 5.5% to 3,811 while the divorce figure was up 17% from 2,539 to 2,971.

On an electoral level, the population increase means there are 150,924 within the Louth/East Meath area. This is a 5.3% increase from 143,272 in 2011 and means there are is now one TD per 30,185 of population.

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